Februar 22, 2013 Von Christian Gera

40% nutzen mobile oberflächliche Kommunikationsformen

„Lifetime. You precious one. Where are you going?“

You really have to ask yourself that question in the last few days. In 2012, 27 percent of Germans used the mobile Internet – now at the beginning of 2013 that figure has risen to 40 percent! A rapid rise of a whopping 13 percent. Only 60% still refuse to do the whole thing or express concerns about this hype about constantly being available.

When you walk through the cities, many people are literally stuck with smartphones etc. – even if the person you are talking to is sitting directly across from you in the ice cream parlor

Our communication behavior is changing drastically. This is exactly what the younger generation grows up to – the constant multi-tasking and the threat it poses (tired of life, loneliness, etc.) – at some point the older ones can no longer keep up. They don’t want it at all – because not everything about this form of communication is desirable and worth living. But what exactly does that mean for us? We at the Freizeitcafé have researched this and thought about it…

The “Mobile Internet Usage” study by the D21 initiative revealed the high proportion of consumption of mobile forms of communication

This shows that 94% of those surveyed said that mobile technology makes information available to them more quickly. Nice and good. But then I frown and come to the conclusion that mobile technology makes “networking with friends” easier. Is that really the case? I think the opposite is the case – the whole world out there in which we move is becoming more and more superficial!

The SMS was still pure progress. Send a text message and meet up. The friends are the focus. Today, the brand of your smartphone and the applications on it make you interesting…

Of course, even back then, some people had become addicted to SMS – but the 3,000 SMS-a-day writers were still rather rare and were still looked at askance back then.

“Hello, we, your friends are here” was what we used to say when I was at school when someone was constantly on their cell phone. Today it’s „different.“And hey, I was born in ’81 – that wasn’t long ago at all 

Today things have changed quite a bit. Today, almost every I-Dötz on the go has everything with them that only a businessman on the road would need to handle all of his professional duties and entertainment away from home: 600 euro smartphone, apps, Facebook, games, YouTube videos, online TV. .. constantly trapped in the online cage & the temptation to never leave it is great…

And? Is it good for children to be bombarded with information and advertising anytime and anywhere?

I do not think so. Why shouldn’t you enjoy your free time and youth away from all this media madness? Play on the football field, hit the outdoor pools, go on bike and rollerblading tours without mainstream and internet? Smartphone off and out would be an action. Take a deep breath from all the digital hype that doesn’t necessarily make life more worth living – but rather steals your precious time.

A small glimmer of light is data protection, which many Germans do not approve of and therefore do not trust in mobile communication as a whole. Hopefully you will bring this to your children too

A full 60% of Germans think so! And the fact that the stationary Internet (such as a desktop, laptop at home, etc.) is completely sufficient is even supported by 89%. So our development isn’t that bad after all…

Nevertheless: Our communication is becoming more and more superficial!

Social life as a whole is suffering from the new mobilization via smartphones, tablets, etc. More than 58% of Germans see it this way. One in two people even believe that the mobile Internet is reducing personal contacts and increasing people’s isolation!

Bottom line: We Germans still have a lot of common sense at work! Why there is still hope…

If we manage to make ourselves and our children understand that direct close contact with people and real conversations with our counterparts are more valuable and important – the mobile hype will never be able to completely manipulate us. Sure, you should use it – but you should never become completely dependent on the Internet and the like. The inner values, the ability to judge, the real joy of life and more are still and only discovered in real contact with real people and never with the smartphone and thousands of super apps that are supposed to make all of this easier…

With this word for Friday we wish you a good start into the weekend! Your leisure cafe