Februar 14, 2012 Von Christian Gera

Am Valentinstag alleine

Relationship status: I’ll have a party then! About the luxury of being alone on Valentine’s Day! Alone on Valentine’s Day? No problem! That are many! Many many! Our article today will prove to you that the whole thing is totally overrated anyway:

On the one hand: Where does this festival come from and who do we owe for all the fanfare about it?

The tradition of Valentine’s Day goes back to one or more Christian martyrs named „Valentinus“. Above all, a “Valentin von Terni” & “Valentin von Viterbo” come into question. According to tradition, they both suffered martyrdom by being „beheaded“.

Later, this „memorial day“ was introduced for the entire church by Pope Gelasius I around 469, but was deleted from the Roman calendar in 1969. However, it is still considered „common“ that services are nevertheless held around this day in which married couples are „blessed“… so much for the history.

In our minds, Valentine’s Day will probably be anchored as a „consumer machine“. As I could see, flowers and confectionery were also in great „movement“ today. Dozens of gentlemen of creation stood meekly at the train stations with their 4 euro baccarat rose. As if there was only this one (expensive) day for it…

In summary, it can be said: This day and this custom goes back to a “beheaded” person!

And his head didn’t fall off because of love, but perhaps by a sword or a hatchet. Nice intro in our opinion. If you now add the ambiguities and deletions from the Roman calendar and the behavior of the church, we have a nice overall package – which is simply sold expensively and well to us ignorant people!

So you “poor” single people today: you are not that poor at all! But don’t laugh too loudly – soon a partner will laugh at you again that day… then it’s time to rethink and „play along“! But always put your heart into it – not just because of Valentin!

I wish you a wonderful couple and lonely (but now better informed) evening 🙂