August 31, 2020 Von Christian Gera

Verbessern Sie Ihre Schreibfähigkeiten

Improving writing skills, or Effective writing skills are as important to a writer as oxygen is to people. Without the right writing skills, a writer cannot easily mature and continue their career. You should know that there is a lot of competition in the content market these days as everyone is trying to get into this business, regardless of whether they have skills and experience – or not. In this blog article, I’ll tell you all about the resources and tools you can use to improve your own writing skills – so you can become a better writer and/or website manager later!

Best digital resources for writers

If you are interested in improving your writing skills and quality, you should simply use the tools I have put together for you below. These resources and tools will help you at every stage of your writing.

Grammar Girl

If you want to get quick tips regarding grammar and better writing skills then this is a very good tool for you. Grammar Girl is a writing resource that can help you improve your overall writing. This tool specifically covers grammar rules and synonyms and offers you various word choice options. By using this tool, you can become a good writer in no time. The tool is famous for asking complex but interesting grammar questions and using advanced memory tricks to help you remember what you’ve learned.


Well, this is another grammatical tool as far as the name is concerned. You should know that Grammarly is actually a plagiarism checker and typing platform that can help you learn many things about formal writing. You must know that with the help of this writing platform you can basically remove errors from your content. These errors include improving spelling errors, improving sentence structures, improving vocabulary, inclusion of content, clarity of expression, passage delivery, punctuation and also grammatical errors of all kinds. You can also include plagiarism in your content here Check out Grammarly’s paid features.

The keyword research

Keyword research in the tools available for this purpose is one of the greatest resources a writer can have. When we talk about website business, you should know that keywords are an essential part of search engine optimization. The search engine only indexes the content when you insert the right keywords into your content. No matter how unique and well-researched your content is, the search engine will only serve it if it contains the best-positioned keywords. For this purpose, one can use the keyword finder tools available on the web. In a tool like this, all you have to do is enter the topic or title of the content and you will get relative keywords!

Keyword positioner and rank checker 

Getting the most relative keywords doesn’t end the story. Rather, it is difficult for you to use all of them. You should know that you cannot use all keywords because there is a certain ratio and density of keywords that can be used in a certain word count. If the ratio is not maintained and your content is over-optimized and overcrowded with words and phrases, it will simply make what could have been really good final content artificial and spammy. Therefore, using keyword rank checking tools, you can check the position of a keyword in relation to your written content. You should use the best positioned keywords and phrases for yourself and your websites, blog articles, etc. 

Plagiarism checker

The plagiarism scanners are one of the best utilities for writers. Plagiarism checking tools are considered a great resource for writers considering the modern problem of duplication. Actually, plagiarism is not that old, but today it has become more common and exists in different types. Therefore, it has become very important for us to check the plagiarism in the content before publishing otherwise it can ruin your reputation. In the end, possibly with multiple and detrimental consequences, because the whole thing can often be very expensive. The best plagiarism scanner for authors is . If you want a free plagiarism check, duplichecker’s plagiarism scanner is the best choice you can make.

Reverse Search Utilities 

As a modern author, you should also know that you need to focus not only on text content, but also on media content. Content with images is much more successful and attractive than content without images or graphics. Now, if you want to get relative image content, you should know that image search or reverse image search tools or search engines can help you get the most relative images for the corresponding content. Using the various utilities, you can perform image searches based on keywords, URLs, and even images.

Backlinks and utilities associated with them

As an author, you are not only responsible for creating content, but also for marketing it. The best way to do this is to use backlinks or other link building techniques. There are many backlink makers or backlink checker tools on the web that can help you create the highest quality backlinks for your website that will help you easily connect to high authority websites or pages.

You must know that all the tools mentioned above are a complete package and a person who wants to create a website and improve their related writing and marketing skills can help you create the best content. The most important thing when writing and completing content is to check for plagiarism. Therefore, be sure to use the best plagiarism checking tools, regardless of what is required for content authentication. You can share your experiences with your friends and fellow writers and close the loop after using these tools for free and successfully.