Bedingunsloses Grundeinkommen für Alle!!! :-) oder :-( ?

Dear Freizeitcafe readers. Here’s another article on a very important social question: The unconditional basic income for everyone! What do you think?

What’s behind it: What you do with the “money from the state” and regardless of whether (!) you earn something on top of it, is up to you. Whether you’re unemployed, a dishwasher or a millionaire: everyone gets 1,000 euros a month! Everyone is treated equally by the state. All other aid such as unemployment benefits and the like are no longer available.

Proponents of this new idea believe that it will make people happier and even more productive. Is that really the case?

Useful or complete nonsense? Are you one of those critics who warn about “the appeal of being lazy”? The spirits argue about this – and you can “argue” and discuss it afterwards here in the comments field.

Following a SternTV report, I have recently been finding out more about the really remarkable company and the topic itself for you.

That company actually gives its winners 1,000 euros a month (and this is only financed by donations); brilliant idea, right?

But in the end – when the basic income (as is currently being discussed and in preparation in Switzerland ) – really comes, will it be a laughing 🙂 or a sad smiley 🙁 for all of us?

Image: Screenshot of my basic income

Because I think the idea behind My Basic Income is so great, I donated 10 euros straight away. If 12,000 euros are donated, another one (out of over 200,000 applicants) will benefit from the 12 months x 1000 euros in funding. It’s great, isn’t it?

Now let’s get to the basic idea behind the basic income. I already complained here in an article about why working for 35 years won’t be worth it for the majority of our generation. Sounds awesome, right?

The facts today – without a crystal ball and confusing forecasts of highly contradictory statements and appeasements of opposing opinions on this topic – are…

Anyone who works from 17 to 67 and earns an average over the years – that always has to be at least 2,800 euros gross over the years (!) – will receive, according to today’s values, “at least” around 1,400 euros in retirement pension. Very little, right? Anything below that is pension poverty below 850 euros per month, where the start would have to be subsidized so that you can even get to the 850 euros minimum pension!

I discovered that for most people, Riester pensions literally “fizzle out” as they get older and are not even added to their pension entitlement if they do not get “above the poverty line”. The strange thing here: Then everything is simply adjusted to 850 euros and that’s it.

Goodbye Riester savings stocking! Sentence with X

So what is and happens to those who didn’t(!) start working and paying in at the age of 17? So the ones that make up the majority these days? They are literally “dropped”:

Graduating from high school, studying or doing an apprenticeship (previously known as the “Bundeswehr” by males; for me it was community service, later a social year) – hey presto, you’re missing a lot of years for the “pension fund.” Plus parental leave for women (they’re the ones who are really bad off then) and nowadays men with this opportunity too…. work out for yourself what’s missing.

So the “younger ones” hardly pay in, they don’t have enough children & “the old ones” are getting older and older. At some point the pension pot will be empty; because the old pillars from before no longer apply. The system doesn’t work that way in the long run. You don’t have to be a big computer.

THAT is exactly the big problem that needs to be solved for society, politics and finances! The majority of our young generations will end up in the poverty zone. Bitter reality – unfortunately! That doesn’t mean that you should stop working – let alone give up and throw in the towel on your hopes for a better future. But you have to think about it! Politicians must set the course NOW for future generations and not just for the “well-being of pensioners” (and most of them are still doing really well) for the moment.

Many pensioners are already falling through the cracks. Our generation will still have to experience and endure the more violent waves – if nothing changes!

That’s why, after all my diligent research, I’m in favor of an unconditional basic income. What do you think about it? Read up on the articles, opinions and options linked here and give me your honest statement via a comment here! Happy Wednesday evening!


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  1. Ein toller Artikel… Beschäftige mich auch seit einiger Zeit damit. Müsste nur mal wirklich dran gearbeitet werden. 😉 und die Leute müssen drauf aufmerksam gemacht werden. Die meisten verstehen dieses System leider nicht.

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