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Today I’m devoting myself to building a community with Good morning dear readers. For some time now I’ve been up to mischief by building up our in-house audiobook speaker community on Skool. I had already told you why this makes sense. I’ve never had an interaction rate of 72% on social media! Nowadays you can be happy if this rate on (e.g. Facebook) is over 5%. See for yourself:

Engagement rate on Skool
Engagement rate on Skool



Now I want to show you why I and the others enjoy it so much – I asked my community participants for a short statement video

Here I’ll show you two of them:

Why THIS is the future and why reach and, above all, interaction on social media is dwindling:

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Co. are flooded – everyone is involved there. One highlight follows the next. Status reports are lost. More beautiful, faster, further, more artificial (Ai). But isn’t there something missing? Correct: the small learning group, the real exchange, the real learning, answering the question instead of the sensory overload. And that’s what makes Skool different: Back to the Roots – similar to the old style of the forum, but with many, many more options than before. Community building with is much easier compared to previous community building. There are some special tools, leaderboards and many, many development opportunities that will only follow and be integrated in the next few months and years. It’s an incredible feeling to be there now.

I had already listed some points for you here via the Skool Experience with Audiobook Narrator Community Video , another series of videos from me will follow soon – stay tuned. You know, I’m always good for a (nice) surprise 😉

My very personal conclusion: Community building with will change the world

Here there is finally the one spark that I have been waiting for for so long: the community idea. To be stronger together. I am happy to have discovered this little island of exchange and cooperation (free of charge) for myself and also for other people who think the same. And they thank me very much – what could be nicer? If you would also like to set up a Skool community for your hobby, your free time, etc., please take a look


There’s only one mistake you can’t make: Don’t treat your community like you would on social media

Let your community grow like a mayor (beyond itself). YOU are not the focus & the player and NOT YOU are the permanent poster. Your community owns the stage; I think it’s great to see when you solve problems with each other. They connect WITH YOU. You own the community and you can and will (in the long term) benefit from it. There are already great, newly thought-out strategies for this too. But: This community is NOT your funnel. If you try to sell people something at any time, they will leave. Do not do that. A lot of sensitivity and knowledge of human nature is required here. If you have that and apply it – you are on the winning road.

By the way, Nico Lamp and Calvin Hollywood also see it that way – both of whom I really appreciate! 

I accompanied Nico in his early days and found him to be a very innovative personality who always went his own way. I once sent Calvin my book 1MIO blogger tips – also a legend. When two people like that talk so deeply about the “community spark” I mentioned, it’s always (in my opinion) a thunderbolt for the scene; A new era is dawning people!

Watched? Excellent! Inspirational men! Therein lies much success for all of us. A new togetherness! A mood of optimism. Discover the new possibilities. Time and the social media world (even with its increasingly expensive ads and sensory overload) will change! Community building with is coming. Be one of the first to get it; or stay away if you would rather drown in the social media swamp of our time!

Sure – social media is important. But I’m still of the old opinion: build your house first (like I have done my existing blog here since 2011), and build everything around it.

So how about you found your very own community here and build your house there.

Tempting, right? I’m telling you: It’s more than that. And it goes beyond the idea of ​​social media, because: Here you will be human again. Back to the roots. Put on your Jordans and go!

Happy Sunday, your Christian Gera

Image by Living Frames on Pixabay

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