Digitale Helden Band 2 erschienen – direkt 2x Platz 1 auf Amazon!

Digital Heroes Volume 2 shoots straight to number 1 on Amazon twice. The association of well-known personalities is once again making waves in the book market. This time the following established personalities are represented in the book:

  • Gunnar Kessler
  • Robert Foit
  • Adrian Giger
  • Urs Marti
  • Helmut Dietz

The starting rank on Amazon right at the beginning without any advertising measures is impressive:

Only now are the blog articles and press reports following. Here is the official cover:

Digital Heroes Volume 2

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Attention Attention Attention Attention: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


By clicking on the cover there is currently a one-off Christmas campaign by author Christian Gera –

He is doing something good for his readers by giving away the ebook to EVERYONE until Christmas! 

By clicking on the cover you are welcome to (still) take part in the campaign…. (time is running out)..

About the contents of the Kindle, and now also the paperback:

The Corona period also produced digital heroes of our time in 2020. This time in volume 2 with: Gunnar Kessler, Robert Foit, Adrian Giger, Urs Marti and Helmut Tietz. The digital age is here – and with it heroes are born. They build stone upon stone until they become a tower.

You ignite your inner light and become a lighthouse. Then pass your light on to others and see how they ignite your light and become a lighthouse too…Welcome to the digital hero series. Successful online marketers and their stories are brought together here. Colorful, diverse offline and online life paths that meet here. Motivational, as an incentive, or because you just love the stories behind these people.

You have created something that helps other people in the long term – and this annual book series tells the story.

And now we wish you lots of reading fun and success.


Conclusion: 5 stars cooperation idea – let stars rain! 

Not only did great, interesting people come together here again – Christian Gera’s Christmas campaign also shows once again that the idea of ​​community is still more relevant today than ever. I even claim that this book will put a smile back on the faces of some souls who have suffered a lot during the Corona period.

Stories and biographies that encourage and revitalize. Cheers to this magnificent series of heroes – this time Volume 2 Digital Heroes of Our Time. Here you can also find all the information about Volume 1 last year (CLICK) .


We wish you a nice fourth Advent with this blogger heart/leisure cafe – gift to you. Use the time with your favorite people and share this campaign everywhere you can. 


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