Fragen zur Hörbuchsprecher Ausbildung
Februar 27, 2024 Von Christian Gera

Eure Fragen zur Hörbuchsprecher Ausbildung

Today I’m dedicating myself to all of your questions about audiobook speaker training that I receive here almost every day. The fact is: the (audio book) speaker market is huge ! Too many books for too few audio book speakers. A future job. Many people want to make money with their voice, but don’t know how. I’m happy to help here with my specialist book, my community and my audiobook speaker training Audiobook Speaker Titan.

My students ask me the following questions about audiobook speaker training most often:

Can anyone become an audio book narrator?

No! You should enjoy using your voice for great projects and be willing to learn. For us, it’s not just the technology that is our top priority, but also, above all, having fun together during training.

Is the training only online?

Yes! I avoid annoying calls, pressure and/or any additional sales. Just concentrate on yourself, your technical (very inexpensive) equipment such as microphone & software (I’ll show you all of this). So you can easily learn everything online at your own pace. Step by step from the comfort of your own home via explanatory videos.

If you have any questions, support and our unique community (the only audio book speaker community in Germany) will be happy to help you.

Why is your audio book narrator training so cheap?

I think that everyone should have a chance to learn the craft of audio book narrators. It’s enough that you have fun with it, invest a small amount every month in yourself and your passion as a career changer, buy a microphone and software/soundproofing and set up your speaker’s place comfortably (I’ll show you).

It’s of no use to me to ask you to pay a horrendous sum XXXX in advance if you might realize in a few months that you want to go a different route. If you continue walking it, we will walk it together. With the audio book speaker Titan all the way to your main job!

What is the aim of this training? Can everyone do it?

Honestly? No! It takes courage, ambition and, above all, passion, fun and will to train your voice and train yourself to speak audio books . And unfortunately there are many who only looked at 20% or a maximum of 60% of the content step by step. This is the case in all online courses. Take time for your training. You do this for yourself. Show me that you want to do it!

Then I would be happy to be at your side. The goal: Bubbling passive audio book royalties, expensive audio book jobs and, above all, lifelong fun. Defeat your titans and get into the exact mode I’ve been in for years.

Do I even have a chance? There are so many speakers!

Sorry, the audio book market is huge. 5000 new books are written every day. There are nowhere near enough speakers to do justice to this volume of orders. The request increases and increases. You’re in a secure future market – and I’ll show you how you can make money with your voice.

Isn’t AI destroying the audio book narrator market?

A clear no! Questions regarding Ki in the course of questions about audio book speaker training are increasing. This shows the insecurity of the entire society in this regard. I have already written the blog article about how audio books make you unsettled so that you are up to date.

Speaking is art. People hear and feel (!) it when AI wants to replace the human, artistic side. But she never will. Almost all experts on the market agree on this. Hollywood voice actresses have also recently rebelled against being replaced by AI – and have been successful. By the Way: If you are good at speaking audio books, the world of Netflix, Amazon Prime and explanatory videos, voice acting and the like are completely open to you. Maybe I’ll hear you in the cinema soon too? Let’s go 😉 !

Are you now interested in becoming an audio book narrator? Then click on the image for your access:

Contents audio book speaker Titan

Those were your questions about audiobook speaker training

Are there any others? Then please don’t be afraid to write me a personal email to: That’s where I can best answer your questions. You are also welcome to visit my YouTube channel. Here, too, there are always small insights into my work and interesting facts for you. In addition to our unique audio book narrator blog here, of course 😉

Have a nice evening, your Christian Gera

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