Juni 26, 2023 Von Christian Gera

Hörbuchsprecher Titan Fachbuch und Rapvideo

Congratulations! Today, June 27th, 2023, is a very special day for me – because it is not only my birthday, but also the day on which I reached a significant milestone. At the end of the blog article there is even a small gift waiting for you.

My new book „Audiobook Narrator Titan: The Path to Becoming an Audiobook Narrator“ is finally finished and ready to conquer the world.

Here you can find my new powerhouse on the way to becoming an audio book speaker on Amazon in the current book charts.

But that’s not all – to properly celebrate my work, I’m releasing a rap video today called „Rise of the Audiobook Speaker Titan.“ Here it is:

The content of my specialist book: My specialist book „Audio book speaker Titan:

„The Path to Becoming an Audiobook Narrator“ is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of audiobook production. I wrote it with the aim of providing aspiring audiobook narrators with comprehensive guidance and support on their journey. The book takes you step by step steps through all the important aspects of the job and provides insights into the techniques that I have developed over the course of my own career as an audio book narrator, from preparing and selecting the right text material to voice training and dealing with different characters to the technique of recording and editing – my book offers practical tips, guidance and advice that can help any aspiring audiobook speaker.

The rap video „Rise of the Audiobook Speaker Titan“:

As an additional highlight, I produced a rap video called “Rise of the Audiobook Speaker Titan.” In this video I will tell my story as an audio book speaker and express my passion for this fascinating medium. The rap lyrics not only contain entertaining rhymes, but also important messages about the importance of audio books and the power of the voice. I worked closely with talented music producers and video artists to create a unique visual and musical experience designed to inspire viewers.

Why am I doing such a huge video promo launch for an audiobook speaker Titan specialist book?

With my specialist book „Audiobook Speaker Titan: The Path to Becoming an Audiobook Speaker“ and the accompanying rap video „Rise of the Audiobook Speaker Titan“, I would like to share my enthusiasm for the world of audiobook production and encourage others to embark on their own path as an audiobook speaker. It is my goal to provide aspiring audiobook speakers with a valuable resource and show them that with passion, commitment and hard work, success as an audiobook speaker is attainable.

I hope that my book Audiobook Speaker Titan will encourage people interested in this fascinating industry and provide them with the guidance they need to find their own path. In it, I not only share my personal experiences and insights, but also tried and tested methods and techniques that have helped me develop further as an audio book speaker. I want everyone who reads this book to benefit from my knowledge and passion and become an audio book speaker titan themselves.

The rap video „Rise of the Audiobook Speaker Titan“ is my creative way to tell my story and take the book’s message to another level. The combination of music and images creates a memorable and immersive atmosphere that encourages viewers to discover their own passion and use their voice. The video aims to not only entertain, but also inspire and show that we all have the ability to achieve our dreams.

With the publication of my specialist book and the rap video, I would like to build a community of audio book speakers and lovers who support and motivate each other. I invite everyone to connect with me on this exciting journey, be it through sharing experiences, asking questions or sharing your own stories. Together we can build a strong and vibrant audiobook community fueled by a passion for stories and the power of voice.

So, let’s rise together to become an audiobook speaker titan and raise our voices to conquer the world of audiobooks. I look forward to accompanying you on this journey and achieving great things together!

All the best and good luck on your way to becoming an audio book speaker titan or on your way to defeating your own inner titans. My audio book speaker Titan specialist book makes this possible.


PS: Here comes your very personal gift -> from June 27th. My new specialist book Audio Book Speaker Titan is available completely free on Amazon for 5 days until July 1st, 2023! This way if you get THE audio book speaker Titan specialist book as a gift .

Enjoy your gift! & Happy Birthday to me! Carry on this message and this passion and work on your dreams every day to make them come true. I am at your side.

Your audio book speaker Titan, Christian Gera