Hörbuchsprecherin werden – neuer Kurs von Christian Gera auf Udemy

Do you dream of becoming an audio book narrator? Christian Gera’s new online course on Udemy has been online for a few days and is achieving superlatives: over 400 registered students after just 3 days!

Will the audio book narrator course on becoming an audio book narrator on Udemy Online be the next bestseller from Christian Gera? The corresponding trailer has already gone online on YouTube:

Become an audio book speaker – audio book recording, marketing strategy

Let’s get to the description and content of this new, innovative online course:
Audiobook expert training and sources of income – with your audiobook voice all the way to Netflix, Amazon & Hollywood

Audio book speakers can be found at: https://www.udemy.com/course/hoerbuchspracher/

A new, digital profession has emerged. The #audiobook #audiobooks are in everyone’s ears. Whether on streaming platforms, for specialist books, fiction bestsellers or in home office learning areas. Have you ever wondered whether you, too, can inspire people with your voice as an audio book narrator? Do you find dubbed voices on Netflix, in Hollywood films etc. so sexy? Have you ever wondered how and how much money you can earn in this way?

What does being an audio book speaker look like in practice? As a long-time Proven expert and audio book speaker expert, I will answer all your questions here such as:

– Become an audio book speaker; how does it work? Training

– How do you get audio book orders from well-known authors?

– What technology can you use to record your audio book yourself as cheaply as possible?

– How do you set up your own distribution network and even affiliate income from it?

– Human voice vs. artificial intelligence – what awaits us in the audio book narrator industry?

– How to build an audio book narrator sales page?

– How much does an audio book narrator earn?

And much, much more…

Important additional information about the course and Udemy bestseller lecturer Christian Gera:

Constant updates will follow because I continue to educate myself in this area. I will share my experiences and practical options with you here one-on-one.

Updates for today reinstalled. Updates will follow as soon as you are enrolled here as a student. Lifelong learning guaranteed. Being an audio book speaker paired with strategic online marketing knowledge means constantly learning new things, innovating, and testing out new possibilities and strategies. If this is important to you, this course is just right for you.

PS: If there are any questions or requests regarding the course topic, I will be happy to produce answers and requested videos. This also makes me a popular online lecturer for this category. Individual, simple and practical – for the best learning effect.

This course is unique, ruthless, practical, not just gray theory. Welcome to the world of audiobook speaking. Created with a kiss in Bochum and recorded for you.

Update: September 27, 2021 Added audio book narrator trailer

Further updates in the next few days include:

vocal exercises,

Audio book narrator genres

Where can I create book trailers/audio book trailers (free) for my work? (as in my example -> customer request)

Live recording in the recording studio

& many, many more (will always be listed here! – another 2 hours of content in total)

Have fun and success with this course!

Conclusion: Successful all around; There are already a lot of 5 star reviews and enthusiastic students. We look forward to the further updates in this audiobook speaker course and will keep you updated.


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