Geld verdienen mit Udemy – Sebastian Glöckner zeigt Dir wie es geht!

Earning money with Udemy – how does it actually work? For me too, this online learning platform was a closed book for a long time. Sebastian Glöckner solves the puzzle: Based on his years of expertise on and as a top 5 Udemy seller, he provides help on how to become successful on Udemy. One thing in advance: I also took this path with him and his power passes every practical test! For everyone who really wants to earn money online – with added value and your own passion!

I got to know and appreciate Sebastian Glöckner about six months ago. When I went through his mastermind, I had already made almost €600 in sales on Udemy after just 3 months (!). Now it’s almost 1000€ (screenshot attached)

Udemy Earnings Insight by Christian Gera

…. & Sebastian’s other customers (who have done even more courses/I’m only at 2 (!) courses!) – are already on about 2000 euros – per month!

In this regard, we have now recorded an interview with Sebastian for the first time, which I would now like to proudly and happily present to you here; You will really feel our joy in the interview.

Earning money with Udemy takes learning – how does Udemy work? Sebastian Glöckner unpacks: 

Great right? At least now some people out there will see the light when it comes to online marketing and online learning courses. It is actually possible to get started in this way with your (also hobby) knowledge. Furthermore (as already teased in the video), Sebastian also has you dear readers out there….

Great gifts and discount codes for a successful start to your Udemy business:

80,000 (!) participants simply cannot be wrong. Sebastian Glöckner shows this in an extremely professional way. So you want to learn how Udemy works & how you can earn a stable additional income online as an online lecturer?

Then here are finally Sebastian’s links and your discounts:  – his free ebook for you to get started (be sure to secure it!) – straight into his webinar full of added value (you’ll be amazed!)  – I want to earn money directly with Udemy and use Sebastian’s masterclass like you Christian.

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By the way, you can also follow dear Sebastian on Instagram here and write to him:

✅ You can subscribe to Sebastian on YouTube here

My personal conclusion about earning money with Udemy and Sebastian Glöckner 

Online business needs to be learned. Here you can actually only rely on people who really have years of experience. Sebastian is someone who really knows how to present concrete learning content to others in an understandable way so that you can also implement it for yourself. I had this good experience with him, as did many others. Udemy is still almost untapped new territory in Germany with a huge amount of interesting development opportunities.

Sebastian helps you develop your own passion. It will help you develop your potential and publish it on Udemy with correct step-by-step instructions. No matter whether it’s about sound, lighting, camera settings and/or targeted course creation – Sebastian is a bank and it’s not without reason that he’s often called “Udemy God”, “Udemy Rockstar” or affectionately “der Abkakker”.

I’m glad to know him and walk the path with him. In this way, Sebastian is looking forward to co-creators and colleagues who want to advance our digitalization with useful, additional information courses (under his guidance)!

PS: You’ll get started! What are you waiting for? Your time is now! 

Thank you very much for your attention.

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