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Welcome – my first audiobook narrator book; no THE book for aspiring audio book speakers is coming onto the market. The book called Audiobook Speaker Titan will launch at the end of June 2023. The audiobook speaker of the same name Book Trailer Audiobook Speaker Titan is already online on YouTube. That makes you want more, doesn’t it?

Why an audio book narrator makes sense for the industry right NOW:

The books that are currently on the market on the subject of becoming an audio book narrator are hopelessly out of date. Sometimes there are so many (non-digital) methods shown that I get scared and worried. That was, among other things, one of my motivations for writing a new specialist book for you. Things are simply much, much better with today’s knowledge.

As an audio book narrator, you are of great importance in the book industry because you play an important role in the distribution of specialist books.

Here are some benefits of an audiobook narration book for the industry (regardless of me shaking it up 🙂 ):

  1. Communicate expertise: As an audio book narrator, you can present a specialist book in a way that conveys the knowledge and expertise of the author and the audio book narrator in an authentic and understandable way. Your voice and intonation can make complex concepts and information more accessible, helping listeners and readers better understand the material.
  2. Of course, my audiobook speaker book will soon be available as an audiobook 😉 In short, this means for everyone: Diverse learning opportunities: Audiobooks enable people to learn on the go or during other activities. Having your textbook as an audio book gives readers the flexibility to listen to the material when and where it suits them best. This opens up a wider audience and increases the accessibility of the book.
  3. Establish an emotional connection: Your voice and expression as an audio book narrator can help listeners to establish a personal connection to the content of the specialist book. By emphasizing certain passages, pausing, or highlighting key terms, you can reinforce the meaning and emotional content of the book. This makes learning a deeper and enriching experience.

I’ll give you 3 more advantages

  1. Provide entertainment: A specialist book as an audio book doesn’t have to be boring. As a speaker, you can bring the text to life with your voice and create a pleasant atmosphere. You can emphasize humorous passages or enrich the content with anecdotes or personal experiences. This makes the audio book not only informative but also entertaining.
  2. Ensuring accessibility: A specialist book as an audio book opens up the possibility of making it easier for people with visual impairments or learning difficulties to access valuable knowledge. Through your voice and audiovisual presentation, you can convey information in an accessible manner and create an inclusive learning environment.
  3. Open up new markets: Producing a specialist book/audio book opens up new sales opportunities. There are people who prefer listening to reading, and they might discover your textbook if it’s available as an audiobook. This expands the potential readership and can lead to increased demand for the printed book. Also and especially if I include a free online course on how to become an audio book narrator. But more on that later here in the blog at the launch 😉

In summary, an audiobook narrator is of great importance in the book industry as it facilitates the dissemination of expertise, expands learning opportunities, creates emotional connections, provides entertainment, enables barrier-free access and potentially opens up new markets. Your ability to present content in an engaging and authentic way makes you a valuable player in the world of audio books and helps specialist books reach their full potential. Your role as an audio book narrator makes it possible to offer readers a unique experience and arouse their enthusiasm for the topic.

There are other advantages (also from other perspectives):

  • In addition, as an audio book narrator, you can also help support the author of the specialist book. Through your professional interpretation of the text, you give the work credibility and authenticity. This can lead to the book receiving greater recognition and demand.
  • Another advantage of an audiobook narrator is that as a speaker you can become an expert and authority in your field. By dealing intensively with the content of the specialist book and presenting it in a lively manner, you will develop your own specialist knowledge and increase your credibility in the industry. This may open up new professional opportunities for you, such as moderating events or participating in discussions on relevant topics.
  • Last but not least, as an audio book narrator, you help ensure that specialist books remain relevant even in a time of digital change. Although e-books and online resources are becoming increasingly popular, there are still people who prefer or rely on the audiobook format. By making specialist books available as audio books, you ensure that this valuable knowledge is available in various formats and reaches a wide audience.
  • Overall, an audio book narrator is of great importance to the book industry as it conveys specialist knowledge in an accessible, emotional and entertaining way, opens up new groups of readers, supports authors and expands the specialist knowledge of the narrator themselves. Your work as an audio book narrator helps ensure that specialist books can develop their full effect and that knowledge is disseminated in a variety of ways.

Let’s briefly tease the contents of the new book

These are, among other things, the contents of the audio book narrator book:

Deep business insights & motivation

Easy learning. The perfect entry into business with 5 years of experience.

Accept the shortcut and my personal help – and your voice, your person and your recordings will be heard. You will know the market, become visible and your voice will be so dominant that you will move from your hobby to your job and then into your vocation. Personal support!

Language exercises for crystal-clear recordings & the technique

The voice is your instrument. How to maintain it, optimize it & increase it to peak performance.

At the same time, you will learn all the technical setup from the microphone, the recording software, editing, etc. in order to keep getting better. Step by step. There will be no hurdle stopping you because I will show you EVERYTHING.

I am on your side.

Land orders and continue to grow

Author cover letters, create invoices non-stop, build the business up to scaling.

Expert insights from the book industry and global opportunities without having to fear AI (artificial intelligence).

Complete know-how that continues to develop throughout the course.

Upload works, distribution, royalties, always be fully booked with your voice

I’ll show you how it works. Which facility, setup, which platforms, how to sharpen your branding and much, much more.

Own order platform, insights into revenue and how to replicate it. Always there for questions, constantly updated & state of the art!

With Audiobook Speaker Titan you have your finger on the pulse of the times and the artistic industry. No matter whether audio book, advertising speaker, actor, voiceover speaker & more. A colorful variety awaits you!

Become an audio book speaker Banner Audio book speaker Titan Christian Gera

About the author of the audio book speaker: Christian Gera 

Christian Gera is a German entrepreneur, author and audio book speaker. He is the founder and managing director of the Bloggerherz group of companies, which specializes in digital solutions. In addition to his work as an entrepreneur, Christian Gera is also an author and audio book speaker. He has published the book series “Digital Heroes of Our Time”, in which he deals with the people who significantly drove the digital revolution forward. In his books he portrays well-known personalities. He is one of the most requested. Voices in Germany for audio books, advertising, voiceovers and the like. With his audio book speaker Titan training to become an audio book speaker, he is revolutionizing the entire industry. With his work, Christian Gera wants to help ensure that the digital world is shaped positively and offers opportunities for everyone. He is convinced that technology and innovation can change the world and is committed to sustainable and future-oriented digitalization.

Why is the audio book narrator book actually called Audio Book Narrator Titan?

In educational usage, the term titan often refers to a person who excels in a particular industry or discipline and has demonstrated impressive performance or ability.

The term is often used to describe a person who is considered unusually talented, powerful, or influential in their field. For example, you could say that a famous musician is a titan of the music industry or that a successful businessman is a titan of the corporate world – just like a good audio book narrator after all sorts of practice and fighting against his own titan (self -doubt, technology, is my voice good enough, etc.) – can also become an extremely successful speaker.

This specialist book shows all the possibilities in the industry

  • as well as fair payment for
  • Voiceover, explanatory videos, voice actors, advertising speakers, image films and documentaries.
  • A specialist book for everyone who wants to achieve something with their voice.
  • Great expert insight into the world of audiobook speakers, including from the writer and recording studio perspective.
  • Earning money with audio books is possible – very good, in fact
  • A world that doesn’t have to be afraid of artificial intelligence Ki.

Book audio book speakers here: christiangera.de

YouTube: youtube.com/christiangera

Instagram: instagram.com/freizeitcafe

Free 1-hour webinar: hörbuchsprachtitan.de

I look forward to you & the awakening Titan. Until then (end of June) I’ll read it 😉 Warm greetings and Happy Pentecost, your Christian!

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